Last night, I treated myself to seeing the Colin Currie Group at Kings Place, and they were absolutely sensational.

It was quite the programme, with six pieces of Steve Reich’s music, and closed with a performance of Quartet, composed by Reich for Currie’s group.

I first heard Quartet on May 24 2016, when it was played with Mallet Quartet and Music for 18 Musicians, and quite honestly was desperate to hear it again. It’s magical, and I left last night tapping out bits of it on my leg on the way to the train station.

It wasn’t online, apart for a short clip, but last month a video of the group performing Quartet in full was posted to YouTube, and Nonesuch are releasing a recording of Pulse & Quartet (Pulse by ICE, Quartet by CCG) at the start of February.

The group are also releasing a recording of Drumming, which was as amazing to watch as it was to hear — I was sat right in line with the drums, and the effect of all four players drumming at once was stunning.

Last night was also the first time I’d heard New York Counterpoint (for clarinet) and Vermont Counterpoint (for flute) live, and they really opened my eyes, having sort-of ignored them before.

Really incredible stuff, all of it, start to finish. Reich’s compositions are brilliant, and I’m very thankful to be able to see a group dedicated to performing his work (for the third time now!).